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Stone Slab of Adi
The Stone Slab of Adi is a stone formation created hundreds of years ago to imprison the powerful plant Horror Eris. Makai Priests used their magic to split Eris into the malice of nine Horrors to permanently seal it away, creating the slab and then burying it underground in the hopes it would stay hidden.

However, humans discovered it in the 21st century during a construction project and thought it was a fossil, placing it in a museum. One night, a Makai Knight broke into the museum and used a talisman and a dagger to break the seal. This caused all nine Horrors and the Seed of Eiris to break free and scatter across Japan, their release shattering the slab into pieces.

Due to the unique properties of magic used to create it, the nine Horrors that came from the Slab cannot be sealed by a Makai Blade. When their bodies are destroyed, they revert back into tiny fragments of the Slab that Mayuri must absorb into her body to seal away.

When Eiryth was defeated, Mayuri unleashed the nine Horrors malice to seal her away again. This created a new stone slab which was taken by the Senate to a safer location.

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