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Rune City

Rune City.

Rune City (ルーシティ Rūn Shiti?) is a location the in Garo series spin-off Zero: Dragon Blood. It is a port town near the sea with many harbors and docks, with a mountain in the backdrop of the city. Its features include a local seaside market, a shipping lane for cargo ships to load and unload and a Makai statue in the middle of the water. Given that there is a body of land in the distance when seen from a tourist spot, the city may be on an island.

Rune City also seems to accept US Dollars as a form of currency in certain places. Another interesting aspect of the town is that street, business and advertising signs in the city are in English.

Locations in Rune City

  • Hotel Clock - an Alice in Wonderland-themed hotel.
  • Girls Theater Loberia - An exotic dance night club where female entertainers entice the audience with dances from different parts of the world, including Indian, middle eastern and Brazilian dancing.
  • In bocca al Lupo - A restaruant and bar owned by Bakura, an old friend of Rei. Secretly an outpost for Makai Knights and Priests to recieve orders as it has equipment that alerts them of any Horrors lurking in the city.


  • Given that Rune City accepts US Dollars as currency, that would mean it is located in one of the following areas: Ecuador, East Timor, El Salvador, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, Turks and Caicos, the British Virgin Islands or Zimbabwe.
    • Narrowing it down, citizens in Rune City are of Japanese descent, thus the location would be somewhere in Micronesia or Palau or based on an area like it.

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