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The Promised Land

A Map of the Promised Land.

The Promised Land is a magical dimension in the Makai Realm where the spirits of forgotten objects become living things. It is the central location of the film Garo: Soukoku no Maryu.

Kouga Seazima had to travel to the Promised Land to retrieve one of Gajari's body parts, The Fang of Sorrow. Upon his journey, Kouga lost several of the items needed to summon the Garo armor as they became sentient creatures and scattered across the land. Kouga went across this land searching for his mahoui duster coat, the Garoken and Zaruba and to find the Fang.

Locations and Places in the Promised Land

  • The Forest of Chaos- The entrance way to the Promised Land.
  • The Castle of Green- The home of the evil Queen Judam, an emerald fortress that can fly across the Promised Land. (Destroyed)
  • Hill of Nothingness- A graveyard for all the forgotten objects that have lost their names and forms.
  • Blue Palace- A flying Jack-o-lantern styled house and the home of Kakashi and Kuromaru.
  • Land of Bliss - A peaceful village full of vibrant colors and lively animate objects. (Destroyed by Queen Judam's forces absorbing its beauty.)
  • Sea of Grief - A sea made of sand with tidal waves that shape themselves into lost or forgotten ideas such as building designs. The home of the Maryu
  • Shrine of Wisdom - A temple where travelers can seek knowledge and advice from The Guardian of Wisdom


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