This article is about a/an title of Makai Knights in the Garo franchise.

Garo is a title given to Makai Knights by the spirits of past warriors who reside in the Tower of Heroic Spirits. Those given the title are also bestowed the legendary golden armor of the same name.

Most who bear the title of Garo inherit it from family members as part of a lineage, but like all Makai Knight bloodlines, there are instances when a lineage dies off and a new wearer unrelated to the family line is trained to be the next Garo.

While the Garo title is legendary for its wearers and their heroic deeds and commends great respect from other Makai Knights and Priests, users of the armor do not get any preferential treatment. Some who have the title must labor long and hard to earn their reputations and gain higher positions such as Senatorial Knight just as any other Knight.

Horrors who are ancient in age seem to know of the name, indicating that the title and the conflicts of its bearers with the demonic beings dates back centuries or possibly even longer.

Holders of the Garo title

In Garo: The Crimson Moon, the Saezima family are revealed to be descended from Minamoto no Yorimitsu, a legendary servant of the Fujiwara clan who became a folktale for his exploits as a monster slayer.

Before the Saezima Bloodline

  • Gouki - One of the first bearers of the Garo title, only known Garo without Zaruba.
  • Raikou- Born Minamoto no Yorimitsu.
  • Previous Garo- The maternal grandfather of Leon and Alfonso. (Deceased)
  • Leon Luis- A Makai Knight of the European country of Valiante from the middle ages who inherited the Garo title through his mother. Due to his personal demons, Leon was forced to pass the title to his cousin Alfonso before he reclaimed it once he defeated his inner darkness.
  • Alfonso San Valiante- Prince of Valiante who took the Garo armor from his cousin Leon as he is also a legitimate heir through his mother, returned it to Leon when he proved himself worthy of it.

The Saezima Bloodline

  • Taiga Saezima- The Garo of the Showa Era, father of Kouga and grandfather of Raiga (Deceased)
  • Kouga Saezima- The Garo of the 2000s and 2010s, son of Taiga and father of Raiga. (MIA)
  • Raiga Saezima- The Garo of the 2030s; grandson of Taiga and son of Kouga (Active)

After the Saezima Bloodline

  • Ryuga Dougai- A young and impulsive Makai Knight on an unspecified moment in time after the Saezima line ended. (Active)