Garm is a Watchdog stationed somewhere in Valiante. She displays a lazy, bored personality. Garm takes the appearance of a diminutive, young, white-haired woman, often seen lounging on a mass of cushions, indulging in sweets or taking part in other leisurely activities, though this is not her true form, which is implied to be fairly horrifying. She is also far older than she looks, once saying that even getting up every day has become bothersome at her age. Despite having eyes and ears all over Valiante, she has a habit of either giving half-truths or non-answers when questioned, both under the pretense of apathy. This trait shows itself in ways such as mockingly referring to Mendoza as "Mendooza" (メンデューサ Mendyūsa)



  • This character shares a name with a character known as "Gulm" in the original television series, but it is not known if they are the same entity within the Garo universe.

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