This article is about a/an episode in Garo.

Fish Tank is the seventeenth episode of Garo.


A programmer finds an abandoned fish Horror named Meru and feeds it the blood and flesh of humans, causing the creature to grow more human-like with each victim. Kouga's feelings for Kaoru show, as he feels guilt for using her as Horror bait and feels more determined to purify and protect her. Kaoru soon learns the awful truth about Kouga's deception and runs away.

Plot Summary

A programmer finds an abandoned fish tank with a black goldfish in it and decides to take it home with him.

Upset that Kouga lied to her, a sad Kaoru asks for the ring fragment of Zaruba to be removed, which Kouga agrees to. Kaoru then runs off crying into the night, emotionally distraught that the man she began to feel love towards hurt her and used her.


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