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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of nudity and blood. Viewer discretion is advised!

Full Monty is the eighth episode of Garo: Honoo no Kokuin.


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Plot Summary

The episode begins exactly where the previous one did, with Germán off to a brothel to get intel on Santa Bard and the Valiante castle after getting kicked down the stairs of the inn by his son. Later that evening, he is with a blond prostitute and hears the commotion of soldiers chasing someone outside, but ignores it. The next morning, he witnesses three men chase and harass a girl named Irene and he rescues her by fleeing after using his Madou Bell to discover that three men were ordinary humans. After hiding in a barn, Germán finds out he was tricked by Irene, who is in fact a thief. The chase was an elaborate ruse to steal from him. Germán is robbed of his clothing and money by the girl and her associates and is chased through town by soldiers due to him being nude.

After several hijinks, Germán runs into Emma who rescues him and takes him out of the city. She informs him of the Black Knight that attacked and nearly killed Leon: Bernardo Dion. Germán is shocked by this and goes to the Watchdog to ask why she did not inform him of Bernardo's involvement. She passively brushes him off saying that it was of no consequence and that Bernardo is now a Dark Knight. Germán flashes back to when Bernardo and he trained together and traveled with his wife Anna, and the events that led to his supposed demise.

After going back to the barn to see if the thieves left his clothes, Irene runs into him and she is frightened. At first, Germán thinks it is another attempt to rob him, but she says one of her companions became a monster and killed the others. Germán asks where his clothes are, but Irene tells him she sold them to a pawn shop. Her former comrade comes in with possessed eyes and changes into Horror, which Germán is forced to fight naked and eventually kills it. He tells Irene that the monster she saw is what she will turn into if she keeps doing bad things, but comforts the frightened girl by making her laugh.

The next morning, Germán is once again chased by the soldiers but manages to evade them and find Leon. The episode bookends where the previous one did, with Germán telling Leon that he needs to grow stronger while begging for money from him so he could get his clothes back.


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  • This episode features the first on-screen appearance of Anna Luis, Leon's mother and Germán's wife, in a flashback.


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