Madou Fire Slash

Garo uses Blazing Armamaent to destroy Horrors with an "X"-shaped flaming swordbeam attack

Blazing Armament is a technique Makai Knights or Priests use to enhance their physical strength and attack power so they can do more damage to an enemy or eliminate large waves of enemies. The process involves using Madou Fire, most often in the form a Madou lighter, to engulf their weapons and the user themselves in flames to enhance attacks. The flames do not seem to physically harm the user but the technique does leave some Knights in a state of exhaustion after they disengage their armor. Blazing Armament can also be used while on a Madou Horse to maximize a Makai Knight's power, increasing the speed of the horse and in Garo's case, the power of his Garoken in Zanbatō form.

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