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This article is about a/an Makai Priestess in Garo: Makai no Hana

Bikuu is a Makai Priestess and an ally in Garo: Makai no Hana

Character History

Personality & Character

Bikku is a Darkness Hunter Makai Priestess, a type of priest who specializes in the internal affairs of the Makai Order by checking reports of Makai Knights and Priests who have fallen to the darkness or have become possessed by a Horror. Her job includes checking the purity of a Makai agent's soul and assassinating those individuals who are fully tainted or evil, sometimes with the aid of a Makai Knight that a Watchdog or the Senate assigns to her. She then cremates the bodies of the possessed in a ceremony so the souls can find peace and ascend into the afterlife and also so the Horror's evil ki can be fully purified so it cannot revive in the corpse.

Because she does not participate in regular Horror hunts and kills Makai Knights and Priests, she is disliked by many of the Order who have lost a loved one by her hand. She also is usually unapproachable due to her job. She does not trust anyone entirely and often when required to work with others, she will test their strength to see if they are worthy, pure and free of any evil influence.


  • Madou Brush: Bikuu's Madou Brush is blue and can generate its own Madou Fire for detecting Horrors. It also contains a concealed dagger at the bottom of the handle that she can use to stab her opponents. Some of its spells include a containment spell which traps Horrors inside a conical forcefield of light that burns them if they touch it and a spell that transforms the brush into an energy bow that shoots arrows.



  • Bikuu is portrayed by singer and actress Sayaka Akimoto, who is best known for being a member of the pop group AKB48.

Behind the Scenes

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