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This article is about a/an villain in Garo: Honoo no Kokuin

Bernardo is a Dark Makai Knight serving Mendoza, holding the title of Zex the Darkness Knight (暗黒騎士ゼクス Ankoku Kishi Zekusu?).

Character History

Once a dedicated, by-the-book Makai Knight, Bernado was a friend of Germán and Anna, though he is envious towards the former for his carefree attitude and relationship with the latter. Though he uses sparring matches as a means to vent his frustration with Germán, he is unable to fight him seriously due to the Makai Order forbidding Makai Knights from fighting to the death. Bernado loses his faith in humanity when Germán and Anna are captured during the witch hunts. In anger, he breaks the Makai order's most sacred law, forbidding them from ever raising arms against humans, and cuts down several soldiers before being mortally wounded and losing his left hand. Near death, Bernardo is found by Mendoza, who offers him a chance at life and revenge against the people who harmed his friends. Bernado eagerly accepts the man's offer for new life in return for his servitude, realizing it would allow him to seriously fight Germán as an enemy. Mendoza turns Bernardo into a Horror-like being with a prosthetic gauntlet covering a blade embedded in his left forearm. Bernado oversees the Black Knights (Kuro no Kishidan?), Horror-possessed soldiers who begin to replace Valiante's capitol guard, while training to finally settle things with Germán. When Germán, León, and Alfonso make their way through Valiante's castle to face Mendoza, Bernado finally has his duel with Germán. The battle ends with Bernardo being fatally injured. He returns to his old self, with no memory of the last seventeen years, and asks his former friend to find an heir to his Knight title before he perishes and his body dissolves. His sword similarly dissolves, his armor and title lost forever with Bernardo's death. As Zex, Bernardo, appropriately, dons black armor. He wields a short sword and targe in battle, which become a longsword and large shield when armored. Bernardo has a black-armored Madō Horse as his steed, which he can summon in battle as Zex. His sword, shield and horse can be combined into a drill weapon. He is incredibly powerful, able to swat aside other armored Makai Knights with ease.


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Behind the Scenes


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