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Alfonso San Valiante is the son of Queen Esmeralda and King Fernando Valiante, Prince of Valiante and Leon Lewis's cousin. He is also the inheritor of the title and armor of Gaia the Stronghold Knight (堅陣騎士ガイア Kenjin Kishi Gaia). Later in the series he inherited the title and armor of Garo the Golden Knight (黄金騎士牙狼 Ōgon Kishi Garo)

Character History

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Gaia the Stronghold Knight

Alfonso becomes the master of the Makai Armor Gaia in Chapter 9, inheriting it from his teacher Rafael Banderas after the man sacrificed himself to give him the resolve to fight.

As Gaia, Alfonso carries a large purple and silver broadsword and can emit a burst of blue flames that he can use to propel himself like a rocket or strengthen his attacks. He first used this technique to deal a fatally devastating charge slash at the Horror who killed Rafeal. Alfonso has a slimmer physique than his predecessor, thus the armor is more agile due to his size. Unlike his predecessor, Alfonso has blue eyes instead of orange when he dons the armor.

Garo The Golden Knight

After defeating Leon who turned into the berserk Lost Soul Beast Garo in episode 12, Alfonso confiscated the armor from Leon and donned it to defeat the powerful Horror that was summoned by Mendosa.

As Garo, Alfonso wields the same variant of the armor as Leon's grandfather with the exception being the blue eyes, a cape and the necklace given by his mother. Alfonso has been shown to be extremely capable of wielding Garo so much that the armor accepted Alfonso as the rightful owner of the title of Garo.



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Behind the Scenes

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